DNC Moves to Dubai

I’m told moving comes in second to divorce in the competition for ultimate shitty things to do in life. I agree..

Maybe thats worded poorly, I’ll work on the wording later.

On the brighter side, I’ve been finding all of mike’s hidden crap left from his stay at the westchase house. Several size small wife beaters were unearthed along with an odd assortment of jackets. This is not to speak of the toys that closely resembled anal beads found beneath his old bed. Does anyone remember “Church Girl”? I do!

In any event, the DNC will be opening its chapter in Dubai in the coming weeks. In a place such as dubai, the ranks are sure to become global. We spread as a meme amongst the week minded. We are an attitude of the most contagious sort.


DNC: Dubai

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One Comment on “DNC Moves to Dubai”

  1. The Leader Says:

    Alright… the beads, I will take responsibility for. The small wifebeaters and jackets are Ajay’s. lol.

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