Thanksgiving 2006 & Jake the Turkey

Thanksgiving 2006

I can be thankful for a lot of things this year. 2006 has been awesome! I appreciate my good friends, family, work, and all the insane times we’ve had. 

The night before thanksgiving, the crew made it out into the village to have our thanksgiving holiday get-together, complete with thanksgiving outfits like it was a 6th grade school play! It was a lot of fun, even the big brawl in the parking garage afterwards with the juice monsters and House of Guys afterwards. After the last three trips to H.O.P. I am so happy I finally got to eat all my strawberry waffles and not fall asleep! Happy birthday also to Kara and Veenu! Now I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking… 

Jake the Turkey… he’s such a drunk! 

THe Turkey Hunter & The Gobbily Gook 

Gobble… Gobble… 

Chef Turducken makes an appearance 

Chief Smackaho arrives! 

Ground & Pound joins the fray! 

blue steel! 

Authentic Indians! 

more blue steel! 

The tree kids 

another pic of crew.. 

and more… 


the gayness begins… 

Spencer & Forrest 

1.5 Asians! 

more gayness! 

three man gayness! 

The Turkey Swami! 

The smackaho Shocker! 


=Birthday Girl! 

Uh oh… 

stop with the gayness already… 

“f*ck you wh*te boy!” 

The End…. Or is it?!?! 

Chief Pisses-On-Cars

Chef Turducken 

The Holiday Crew 

Chief & Bullseye Sweater 

The Boys 

3 Little Indians 

Turkey Head 


Girlfriend Shot 

Big Chief 

Who’s Drunk? 

Bullseye is! 

In deep thought… 

Night Night… 












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