November 2006

Friday was BFF night as Spencer, Jino, and I went to watch Casino Royale at AMC. That was THE best Bond movie I’ve seen since Roger Moore. Highly Recommended. Afterwards, I ended up not going to Venesa’s Party because she never called me back. I likewise didn’t end up going to Melynda’s birthday either (sorry!) because I had to test at Elite the next day. To cap off Friday, I ended up not hanging out with Kar because I totally forgot b/c of the movie. Now on to Saturday and better times…

Testing was very well! Vince, Tony, Ruben, and a few other guys got upped to blue belt. I got another stripe on mine. Good times and all. Afterwards, had lunch with Chris and friend at NY Pizzeria and spent the rest of the day watching Grandma’s Boy & Kung Fu Hustle at Hobbit’s place until Ajay & Ashley called to invite us to their lovely dinner party.

I was so confused when all Ash’s teacher friends introduced themselves as Gina. And 2 days later, I still don’t know if they were f*cking with me…. A big thanks to Ajay and Ashley for inviting us over to their home for the fights and to talk about our feelings. I was overwhelmed at first by the amount of estrogen there. Walking in, I felt a big like Jerry McGuire walking into the angry women’s meeting but it was all gravy after me and Eric P. downed the bottle of Crowne. It was good seeing everyone actually in one place enjoying the fights. Like one big happy family… except for Eddie, who keeps taking my money in sports bets. My condolensces on the Indianapolis game by the way. I guess it’ll be turkey sandwhiches instead of actual turkey this year. Kidding!

Moving on, everything from saturday was a big blur after Jess & I took our sidetrip to the car. Hopping in the back of Jordan’s car already inebriated, we miraculously make it to the village in one piece and I make it into the Bronx in one piece, wearing beach sandals and all. From there on, the entire group was on a downward decline into what would culminate as 5am at House of Pies. Before then, it was a bunch of drunken dancing and shots, thanks to the drink fairy, who goes by the name “Pablo.” So what was the aftermath? Several cars left in the village, me almost throwing Eddie’s shirt onto some table at HOP, an unnamed girlfriend running out into the middle of Richmond and calling a man by the name of Ralph. Also happening was Eddie scaring a kid half to death after he threatened Big O, me trying to talk a random girl into leaving with us, and a whole random mess of activity.

Sunday was useless being that I didn’t even make it back home until mid-afternoon. It as recovery mode for me until about six, when Jill D invited me out for drinks. We ended up having a lovely time with a bottle of Shiraz at PF Chang’s to end off my tiring weekend.

Here are some pics of us at Bronx (Courtesy of Marisa Wu)

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