RIP Clinton

I remember when we first got him, election year of 1992. We went to the breeders and this cute little white ball of fur just seemed to pick itself rather than us pick a dog. That night we couldn’t figure out what to name him but we were watching the t.v. and the name “Clinton” sort of just jumped out at us. Now you hardcore republicans might hate the name, but hey…. it’s better than “Dukakis.” For almost 14 years later, Clinton was the best friend, brother, and pet any man or woman on this earth EVER had. We’d grown up together since I was 12. I’m 25 now. Through childhood trips to Disney World in our old caravan, bathroom trips out into 3 feet of snow in our Kingsley house, a move to Texas my senior year of high school, and through college….all 5 yrs. of it, my dog has been there with me all the way. I’ve spent the majority of my life with Clinton and now he is gone. Just like that. It was just a few hours ago that I got the phonecall from my sis saying they had to let him go. Finding out before an appointment, I was devastated. All I could think about was him and all the memories we have together. Needless to say, I’m home for the rest of the day, devastated, but at the bottom of my heart, I know he’s in a better place because that is what he deserves. I love you Clinton. You’ll be a part of my life forever. Rest in peace.

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