NYE 2006

New year’s eve was a fun relaxing time this year. Nothing too insane and crazy, just a good time with some close friends and people I haven’t seen in awhile. I started the day with some rolling at the gym. After I got kicked hard in the jaw (thanks john!) i sat the rest of the time out and tried to figure out the rest of the day. After debating whether it was feasible to go to San Marcos, jump in Alaina’s stretch hummer, or go down to Austin with Forrest and his buds, I decided to just stay in town and play it by ear. John, Omar, and I eventually ended up go Patrick’s party at Saint Thomas, where we hung out with Julie from the Real World and met a amazonian, but cute, pathological liar named Lucia who claimed to be a doctor from London, but eventually ended up being an 18 year old student from St. Edward’s. Other than her, there was certainly an eclectic group of individuals at this Catholic school bash. There was the fat drunk regulator guy, Patrick – the clean-cut Carlton, smokin’ hot Alejandra, and of course, the group of people that reminded me of 5th grade at St. Augustine singing some Queen lyrics as te countdown went down. That was insane! After finally capturing Omar, we left for Mark Santillion’s party in the Bend, where I saw everyone I haven’t seen in the past seven years! It was awesome to see Carline, Wes, Jason, and all the other AHS flips at Mark’s. I ate about four plates of food and a little more than four of the bullblasters, tequila shots, and the like. It was hilarious to see all those fools try to kill each other by blowing up firecrackers in unusual places like asscracks. AJ was pretty hammered. And his sister, Tammy, was well on her way. It was an interesting time. I, of course, ended up the New Year by sleeping in the backseat until I was delivered back home past 5am.

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