Random College Station Trip

What better way to break in a weekend than a spontaneous trip to College Station?!?!? My bro and Chad were both already up there for varying reasons so Chris and I hopped in the car and said, what the hell, let’s get in on the action too! It was an insane little adventure! The DNC is pushing the limits, thats for sure! We went to a town where we didn’t know ANYONE and took over the whole town. There were moments of greatness boys! Kris’ game even got recognized by 2 fans who were part of the underground! And this is just the beginning! Who knew the purple pimp hat could hold so much power… Its just too bad that Kris has to miss his friends’ wedding b/c he got took for a ride!

She started the night off at Logan’s by offering us blowjobs… B+ at best.

then this chick grinded her way into Kris’ heart with the prom pose!

this was may have been fun…

then Fetch got into the action!

Lewinsky Shot!

Where the f*ck did Nate Loupold come from?!?!

Yup. We got her too. Jessica Beal’s little sister?

the girls couldn’t keep their hands off the purple pimper.

RJ jumps in, ring and all!

Chad Kight in the house!

The sisters @ V Lounge!

Attack of the killer freshman k-close!

Dawan Cooper and his girl!

V Bar before the end of the night!

A Parting Shot!

Oh crap! 5am. Goodnight!

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