Mondragon Birthday 2007

By all extensive accounts, the DNC Westchase Chapter was extremely exhausted after the Friday Night escapades in College Station. Kris, Chris, and I spent Saturday on the couch mostly. I actually did some grocery shopping (the fridge was bare), but other than that, we played the waiting game until the sun went down. From then on, it was back to the rabbit hole for us!

It was Laura’s Birthday so we took off downtown to celebrate it at Butterfly High

Chea, the DNC Security Master Chief, and Jackie made it out wih us

Here’s us downstairs at Butterfly High/Bar Bollywood

Here’s Venessa and Chris with Celeste and Andy


me & my crazy drinks…

Here’s Berm and the beautiful birthday girl

Jackie keepin’ krunk alive!

Peace in the Middle East

Topsy Turvy

The Crew of 1522

Birthday Girl!

DNC Westchase then headed of to Crome for some late night…

Layla & her friends were super cool…

almost as cool as us!

Reinig almost getting mauled!

the Calimbas Brothers are slowly taking over Houston. Watch.

What’s with the attitude sir?

That’s a little better…

Are we ever going to get tired?

Oh man, what a fun night! Awesome Birthday Laura! And good to finally have our Master Chief have a day off! Now it’s on to an extremely relaxing Sunday. Entourage/Flight of Conchords is, of course, on the menu. Likewise, I think I’ll be cooking something special for the lucky ones still out there on the couch. And tomorrow is the first day at work for Mr. Chris and the 2nd for me so we’re behaving.


Mike Cali.

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