Python’s Pit Team @ MTS

I trained last night with the Python’s Pit team here in Davao. The main instructor is Bam Posada, a local Digmaan MMA champion and a pretty good Judo player. Louie Abucayan is the other main trainer but I won’t get to meet him until tommorow.

No Gi training, mostly vale tudo with some straight grappling mixed in later on was on the menu, and since I haven’t trained in a few weeks, my wind was brutal. It took a few rounds for me to get acquainted. The way they train here is vastly different than at home. For one, the quality of the grappling is far less superior than that of the guys back at Elite. The only thing is that they employ so many damn leglocks and heelhooks that I was a little taken aback by it. For example, some of my training partners clearly hadn’t been training for no more than a few months, yet was going for heel hooks with reckless abandon. Regardless, it was interesting to train with a new style, no matter how much I pine for the comfort of my team back home.

Subject matter for 8/24 training

Heel Hook from Jello Guard
– Attack opp. standing from open guard, transitioning into Jello Guard.
Work the Heel hook.

Defense for Heel Hook from Jello Guard
– Don’t let heel leave the ground, and sit your base so that you’re almost like sitting in a chair.
– Attack with your own heel hook or work breaking his grip or leg position.

Retaining guard and defending punches from within
– the drill was starting out in closed guard with opp. on top raining punches with the 8oz. gloves. Goal is to defend punches and work to sweep or submit.
– What worked for me here was defending the punches from opp. elbow while keeping constant pressure on his posture. Ex. he sits back, work the kimura/k. sweep or if he tries to control the hip, work the scissor sweep or the heel strikes to his back.

Kneebar from half guard
– Use the crossface or elbow to break opp. over/under grip and allow self to posture.
– Use punches/elbows to distract while allowing near hand to snake under opp. knee for position.
– Transition into knee bar, using hand/to chest pressure to torque, using entire body and not just the arm for the lever.

Good hard training last night! Threw up the banana split I had before training right after the Vale Tudo guard rounds.Mats dusty and dirty as fuck. Will be back tommorow.

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