2005 Philippines Trip

It feels so good to be home!

View from the banca. I like the initials on the roof!

Fishes can be clearly seen from the pier.

The water looks blue but is actually pretty clear…

Next to Samal Island – the baddest treehouse in the world!

Reading in the shade beats burning in the sun.

Giant chessboard with my cousin Patrick.

The DNC weapons cache?

Spearfishing anyone?

Taking a nap…

On the temple steps.

I bust coconuts.

Charlie, the talking parrot. He can say hello and bye bye but that’s about it.

Sundown at Pearl Farm.Other Miscellaeneous Pictures


Cebu – Magellan’s Cross (Originally Built in 1521)

Training with Python’s Pit in Davao

The proper way to drink absynthe… Oh the colors!

Tending Uncle Bibo’s Bonsai on the family rooftop @ Bonifacio.

The Bat Caves

Family Archives

My Great Grandfather, Anastacio Campo – War Hero

Great Great Grandfather, Jose Maria Fernandez – Spanish with blue eyes, what?!

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