October 2007

So I’m pretty cognito… Most of the time, my friends and I will go to a bar or bookstore and absolutely stand out by our mannerisms, happy-go-lucky facial expressions, or general “just here to have fun” attitudes… This weekend was something different. We just relaxed.Friday, Nick and Jeanne, Chris’ parents, took us out to Brenner’s on the Bayou for a wonderful dinner. And afterwards, we somehow ended up at Wild West, where ran into Dallas, Hyper, and friends, en route to Kris telling a bachelorette that she was not seventeen anymore and hence had saggy baggy boobies.

And The funny thing about Saturday… It was as if we woke up like little blue belt balls of fire, wanting to do crazy stuff! Amongst our almost-happened ideas were rock climbing, go karting, and Kemah for jet skiing. What ultimately happened was me cooking breakfast, us watching several films, then taking a nap and going to meet Chad at Sam’s Boat for a low-key guy’s night.

Very Relaxing weekend so far. And Sunday will be awesome too. I can tell. I guess this must be the “ying” to next weekend in College Station’s “yang.”

Chad hoppin’ on a little Buck Hunter

Chris on the bonus round

Boys and our Toys….

Chad used to have a boat just like that

The Ashford Hills Boys

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