Epic Birthday Party

My 26th Birthday and the lack of memories that accompany the festivities is still perplexing me. The fact that I am still drunk 24 hours after having my first flaming Dr. Pepper is a testament to Spencer, Hyper, and Eric’s determination to get me as tipsy as humanly possible. They definitely succeeded. I literally couldn’t feel feelings anymore. Hence, I passed out ten minutes before my official birthday. The courageous soldier had fallen. 

 I want to give credit to some very special people for making that party happen. Harsh for hosting. Madamozelle Bartending Agency for being kind enough to donate the outside bar. Ramiro for providing the 11 bottles of liquor and making gallons of margaritas! Alaina & Jordan for helping set up the night before and provide the beer pong table.  Hyper for putting the outside room together. Spencer for buying $200 worth of fake snow. Chris R. for renting the space heater. Andy for providing the use of his truck. And most of all Jino for doing everything he did to make this happen and riding in the back of a truck with me in 30 degree weather, freezing our asses off while having nothing to hold on to but the two freezing kegs from Mandola’s. 

The party itself was a good time (hopefully). We started off somewhat early in drinking shot after shot after shot. Hyper and Spencer were the catalysts that led to the sequence of events that contributed to my untimely demise. They got me absolutely hammered and this was before everyone really even got there. From then on, about 10pm – 2am is a big black hole in my mind. I remember crawling upstairs after getting sick and listening as groups and groups of friends tried to rally me 10 minutes before my birthday at midnight. I smiled in vain as they yelled words of encouragement. I simply had nothing left in me. I was done. 

I actually rallied for about 10 minutes at some point in the night and walked outside onto the patio to a throng of drunk people. Some were cheering the beer pong olympics, others sat around the fire, and I remember at least 2 girls busting their ass. That’s it. I was seeing random people but being too incoherent to communicate intelligently or otherwise remember a single thing other than what I wrote above. I was a mess! As far the rest of the story and what actually happened, if you were there please comment and let me know some details please. That way, I will at least know that you came and had fun. I love you guys. Thanks. 

Shabs & Jill 

Drunken Fool 

Jino & Shabs 

PFC Reunion 


the setup



the fire pit all nice and clean

this is where I started getting hammered

I messed up the drawing of the girl pretty badly…

and the beerpong is ready

bartender is fully stocked

f*cking flaming dr. peppers!

ramiro & his gal

the crew

drunken ninjas!





























Someone’s trashed

…and sleeping.

Rally time!

But not for long…

I lost my marbles

but found them yey!

get in the spirit!

yey for not falling!

sleepwalking still

Law & Order


Gosh Napolean!

yay! my turn!

awww! so cute! 

Ninja Girls!



Beer Pong

LMAO about the girls in the background!

Yes…. trashed!

Vanessa & Grant

Vanessa & Paula


Tasha & Jill













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