Christmas Time in Sugarland

I love this time of year. Good times with great friends last night at Kona Grill & Town Square. It was really, really nice to spend time with Deanna & Stacy. Those girls are awesome! Jenica and Ashley came out, as did Ashleigh, Chris, Mark, Hannah, etc. My brother was in town with his friends and I ran into Sammy and Shazad and their friends as well. Kona really was reunion central for a little bit before we decided to get silly and take Christmas pictures at Town Center. You don’t realize how much you miss some people until you hang out with them again… See you soon y’all?


Me, Tiffany, Stacy, Deanna

Chris & Hannah

Me, Johnny Diamonds, Stacy, Deanna

Sugar Land Town Square

Stephen F. Austin

Big Ass Present!

Santa Molester!

Stacy & Deanna

America’s Finest!

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