Mardi Gras 2007

The Bear

OKay so dinner Friday night at the Russian Bear was unexpected and a completely unnecesary good time. Any other night and we would have probably ended up at a Chili’s or soemthing, but we ended up at the Bear to try out some Eastern European. Things went awry when I tried ordering a dry martini. I get this response from a bearded man named Yuri in the this thick Baltic accent. “Marteeni? My friend… this is ROOSH-an Rust-O-Runt, we drink VODKA. No ice. No Coke. VODka. Must order bottle!” … so we end up ordering and finishing a large bottle of White Gold Russian Vokda (cost: $100+ per) by taking shot after shot in between our shish kabob, marinated cauliflower, and lamb shanks. The little Eastern European boy doing the flight-of-the-bumblebees Lord of the Dance number was entertaining. As was the lounge singer singing babooshka. Very sketchy. LOL.

On Saturday morning, we were up at the school by 9am to enjoy the Dragon Show that was put on by the Houston Shaolin Academy in celebration of Chinese New Year. Immediately following was the belt test @ Elite. A couple of people got upped, namely Lightweight and Ajay “Albert” Ellison. Good job guys. Here at a few pics from the test…

The Dragon Show

The Test

Sledge & Bullet

Frost testing for his brown belt

Reinig hip throwing Ajay

“Sweep the leg Johnny!”

Ratinho and his Sponsors

“Lightweight” & “280”

Mardi Gras

A few if ys took a spur-of-the-moment Mardi Gras trip out to Galveston a couple of hours after the test on Saturday night. We spent most of our time on the Strand at Yaya’s, dancing to a cover band and drinking beers. Good times. The real highlight of the night though occured on the way back to Houston when, while on a little pee break off the highway, we get accosted by Dickinson County’s Police Force’s most retarded officers. Dumb and Dumber, who were in an unmarked F-150 raided the gas station car wash that we used like the face of an R-Kelly one night stand. Officer Fat Farva and his Man-Partner of a woman detained us for a few minutes and gave Reinig shit for failing to identify before letting us go on our merry way. Good thing I was done draining the drunken lizard slightly earlier than the poor Mexican fellow who finished a minute after me and got caught red handed by the Pee-Police. He got arrested for disorderly conduct. Poor Guy… Anyways. Pics.

@ Yaya’s behind the main stage on the Strand

Is Reinig gonna have to smack a b*tch?

Mardi Gras Blue steel

Heather, you didn’t end up working it? Couldn’t find you..

You sure you wanna do that? I’m a blue belt!

Sunday Fundae

Its a beautiful day out today so me & Reinig were going to do something outdoors like go to the driving range or go shopping at some resale shops in the Heights or midtown but we ended up going to La Strada instead to meet up with AJ and friends. Easy E and his homeboy met us out there for mimosas and bellinis. I ran into Allyson for a bit, as well as Raena & Abby on the way out. Crawfish @ 702 sounded nice but we got called back to the southside of town early so now I’m going to do some laundry and call it a day and proceed with this hangover I had this morning.

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