3am @ the Ling Ling

Ooh Mama-San what a fun weekend this has been so far! Thank Gawd its not over yet! Anyways, thought I’d put a picture-journal up before I head out to enjoy the afternoon margaritas!


Wilson was spinning at the old Licor Lounge, now A38, so we decided to make it out  to midtown after stopping by Westchase Sherlock’s to see Mike D, ABerm, and crew for some birthday thing.

I missed you Raena! I forgot how much of the sh*t you truly are!

Jino: “Guess what… you’re having my baby!”
Russian Girl: “What? No way… Seriously?!”

Filipinos are very affectionate people.

They heart House Music.

2 people, 1 very spread eagle.

S4C for life!

Obligatory Table Shot


Hyper invited put us on the list @ Venue for some dancin’ and live music.

I like. Very nice!

My brah, Eddie & sis Kara come out & play.

The Asian contingent…

Rock out with the cock out Mr. Corrin!

Look @ that face only a muddah could luv.

Filipino Rhythm in action.

Too drunk. Must have blue steel.

The Magic Fingers in action!

Cover bands rock!

Ramiro had a good time!


To be continued!

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