Liz Rose’s White Trash Bash

Happy birthday Liz Rose! Awesome time last night at Liz’s White Trach Bash Birthday in Midtown. Had dinner and margaritas at El Tiempo with Liz and her friends. Alaina and Spence and Chris ended up showing up as well. Got hammered. Went to the Velvet Melvin. Saw a pretty weak bloody bar fight. No, I did not help break it up. And something about irish car bombs and a flight attendant. That’s all I remember. Now it’s one in the afternoon and I just woke up to barbecue. Good times. Can’t complain. But wait, I think I missed out on a) 410 with my boys b) Jose Ortiz and them and c) the limo thing and Chrome with Keinan, JVD, & Ashley. My bad guys. I didn’t and couldn’t drive. Totally incapacitated for all intensive, decision-making purposes. I’m sure you understand.

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