2.26.06 – Got my Blue Belt!

I had a good time yesterday. Eric Williams presented me with my blue during testing. I couldn’t do shit rolling yesterday though. All the guys I was paired with outweighed me by at least 30 pounds and murdered me. Nonetheless, I look forward to defending the new belt, training harder, and getting better. Congrats to myself, Kubes, Thiago, David, and all the other guys that got upped today.

Since the laffstop tickets for Rogan fell through and Forrest and the guys ended up not going to 410, I ended up going out with Ashleigh. We went to 713 for some sushi and sake bombs and ran into Caleb Roberts and his brother. Haven’t seen him in awhile. I have to remind myself to stop by PF Chang’s on Westheimer by the office soon. They left after not too long and Spencer & Cynthia met us up. We ended up barhopping past Vito’s and Firehouse Saloon before we ultimately ended up at Dave & Busters and acted a fool drinking and playing video games.What a typical double date, ha ha. Me and Spencer got pretty winded playing this boxing game and we all just had fun goofing off. By the end of the night there, we ended up pretty hammered. And thus, me and Ash ended up in midtown to stop by the infamous bar and then the taqueria for a 3am beer or two. Saw Justin and Mike there from the old days. Justin says he wants to stop by Elite to try grappling out. Anyways, I drove me ans Ash back to my house and we hung out and talked until about 5am. All that activity on saturday ngiht resulted in a very lazy sunday spent on the couch with a slight headache and missing the huge birthday bash for Louie at Madamozelle. Sorry for not making it Tiff. Yup. That’s about it for this weekend. I’m going to watch Dancing with the Stars and call it a night. Go Stacy! LOL.

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