July 2006: California & Vegas Trip

Isn’t it ironic that only when I’m gone do I ever feel like home? Things are so complicated at times… I spent the past week and a half or so out in California & Las Vegas away from the pressures of work, the dull of everyday life, and close to quality time with loved ones that I never get to see.

The day after getting there and resting the night at the Marriot in Fullerton, Courtney took me out to see Torrance and the ports, West Coast Choppers, and the 90210 School in Torrance before JP, Court, & I picked up a bottle of Southern Comfort for me and took off on the 5 hour drive to Livermore. Thanks Courtney & JP!

Family from the Campo side poured in from all over the country and the Philippines for my cousin Audra & Alan’s wedding and the subsequent reunion. Livermore, the Triska’s vineyard where the wedding/reunion took place is an absolutely gorgeous place. Uncle Mark & Aunt Mitzi have made a beautiful home for themselves.

The wedding itself was a beautiful ceremony. Audra & Alan had the funniest and sweetest vows. Walking off to Sinatra wasa  nice touch as well. And being the reception was at a vineyard, I think we all overindulged a bit on the wine. As for me, well I don’t remember much but judging from some of the pictures, the ones I won’t post, well, let’s just say I got smashed.

After the wedding, I was trying to reach my cousin Michelle so I could see them in Napa but I couldn’t get a hold of them. I Went to visit San Francisco & the Bay Area to see the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, curvy streets, and have some world famous clam chowder at the wharf. SF is really one of the prettiest cities I have ever been to. SO much character!

Eventually, we made it back to LA after spending 4th of July touring around Pebble Beach, Carmel, Monterey, and passing through Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast. Spent the next 2 days in San Dimas at Uncle Bong’s for some awesome food and several bottles of Johnny Walker. During this time, JP & Bujoy took us around Huntington Beach, Hermosa, West Covina, and Krispy Kreme for some awesome donuts. This would be the last I would see of L.A. before heading out to Las Vegas.

I spent a lot of time in Vegas gambling by myself and with Chiara. I actually doubled my gambling money playing blackjack before unceremoniously losing it all, betting $100 hands in blackjack and giving everything more back to the casino. It’s funny how that works. Knowing when to stop is the most important key in gaming. After 2 days and wearing myself out @ the casinos, gameworks, & buffets @ the Bellagio, I was ready to go home…. only to realize I don’t really like being back. lol. At least I got back to Houston in time to watch the fights. I was at the MGM Grand for the pre-fight hype and back to Houston watching it at Al’s within a few hour span. Ehh. Sunday Dim Sum with my dad and some R&R and I’m back to work tommorow. C’est La’Vies. Whatever.

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