Chad Kight – Birthday 2007

Zake + Bond + Hot Chicks + DNC = Outrageous Good times. Chad Kight’s Birthday Pics Below.


The DNC descended upon Zake with the brashness of 300 Spartans!

Paula and all her girls were there to Sushi and Sake it up.

Pam, Paula, Christy, and Swan

Alpha Males all around!

Cheers around the DNC.

Blue Steel Break…

On to Bond…

Swan taking it like a CHAMP!

Notice the little Calimbas in the background.

Alphas and P-Diddy.

Boobies Anyone?

We found Jackie.

Gary and Jeff share a moment.

We love girls in hardly any clothes.

Gustavo Rocha. Lady Killer.

Make it rain cousin!

10 shots???

Photos by Hyper.

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