Brandon’s Birthday @ Buddha Lounge

Mike out on a weekday?!?!?! This world is going to sh*t now I guess. I actually feared that my work would suffer but I had a really good day today that flew by. I could get used to this! So anyways, Brandon’s Birthday last night, celebrated at Buddha Lounge. Dude, you guys bought many bottles of Champagne man. Not to mention the Goose… Anyways. Pics.

Met up with these guys at Concert Pub prior.

Swan Not-So-Fabulous (j/k) and Mariam

Buddha Lounge.

Nice face girl.


No more mixer? Nooooo problem.

The Lovely Couple.

Photo by Mike

Baby Power and JoJo.

Paula, your eyes are freekin’ me out.

The Group

Nice Toothies Women.

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