Cebu, Philippines


We arrived in Cebu on thursday september 8th. Juan Paolo and Nicole picked us up from the airport and we went direct to the Ayala Complex for a late lunch at Don Henrico’s. Best calzone in the philippines!

That night we had dinner at Alfard Bontol’s place on Mactan Island. Alfard is a brother ofthe Fraternal Order of Demolay that JV and JP are a part of. He was very hospitable with entertaining us on this trip. Aftert this dinner, we spent a good few hours finishing off a bottle of Fundador brandy and two kilos of the best chicken I’ve ever had.

Church of Santo Augustin

On Friday, we spent the afternoon touring around the city, taking pictures at Magellan’s Cross and Santo Nino. Later on that night, we met up with JP and his girlfriend, Ayette. We headed off to this awesome bohemian restaurant called Moon’s, where we had a nice dinner. Afterwards, we went and had drinks at this place called Latina before heading off to meet up with Nikki’s coworker from Nestle, Aine and her husband Zeus. We resumed the beer drinking at Kaona Grill before finishing up the night at Citygrill, on the hills overlooking the city of Cebu. At 2am, obviously tanked, we filled JV’s request for a sundae from McDonald’s before making it home to pass out.

View overlooking the city

Saturday was a day spent in the mall. Nikole had to go into the office to make some liquidations and that ended up taking the whole afternoon. JV and I spent that time in SM, eating at Barrio Fiesta, reviewing the U. of St. Carlos exhibits, bargaining for necklaces, and watching Red Eye… twice.

Went out with Alfard again that night, first to have dinner at this oyster buffet and then heading to the Shishah Bar to unwind and listen to some live Bob Marley and Sublime covers from the bands playing there. Around 1, we went to Bantilan Town Center to check out Formo and have coffee at Bo’s. Rhea, Alfard’s beautiful girlfriend, met us there and chatted before we all decided to call it a night.

Shishah Bar

Left for Mactan Airport at 5:30pm, but not before having some of the famous Cebu Lechon at CNT, checking out Fort San Pedro, and visiting the Taoist Temple atop the hillside. Fun trip aside from missing the planned trip to Bohol. Also, Doces Pares club, which is  New Breed BJJ affiliate is literally right down the street from Nikki’s place in Santo Nino Village, Talamban where I was staying. One block away and I still didn’t get to train. Arggh!

Magellan’s Cross (Erected 1521)

Cannons at Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro from the inside

cebu Taoist Temple

Temple Rooftop


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