Ash’s Birthday @ the Roof 2007

Ashley Harry’s birthday was AWESOME! Outside of some late night drama, the Roof was a really good time. I got to make fun of some dumb girls, hang out with cool friends, and drink Jaegerbombs and Heinekens like I just got “my new haircut” (check YouTube). Anyways, Pics below. Birthday Party this weekend. Business as usual. Call me for details.

~Mike Calimbas~

The birthday girl and I.

Kris getting told.

New Territory Boys!


Bolivian Sandwich.

Group shot.

One week from being the sponsored lawyer of the DNC.

Chad a cute lil’ design student.

We’re so hot V!

The Remix.

Chad & Rosemary.

Spencer w/ Lilly.

Mike w/ Lilly.

The Berm.

Ash and I again.

The Ninjas with VAK.

The Night-Ender.

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