Andy & Gabby’s Birthday 2007

Sunday: 8am: This weekend has been extremely relaxing so far. Aside from breakfast with Venessa and a 10:30pm trip to Chili’s late last evening with Berman, the better half of my Saturday was spent either reading or playing video games alone at the house. There was only maybe 1 or 2 people I would have stepped out of the front door for and since they did not call, I was okay with being complacent…

Friday, on the other hand, was a joyous day for me. Personally and career-wise, I accomplished a few good things this week that are cause for celebration. Likewise, Andy and Gabby celebrating their birthdays in true Mike Style, with an endless supply of alcohol, some party punch, and a general good time at 1522 with my loyal DNC. Granted, some had a better time than others but a party is always successful when, at 10am the next morning, you can look around and see a clean home coupled with the smell of a 6-part breakfast. Blueberry pancakes, garden omelettes, mini-burgers…. Mmmmm… Such a great weekend so far! Hopefully my brother can get home from San Marcos in enough time to be able to screw around here rather than go straight back to Sugarland… Anyways, here are some pictures…

Spencer over the edge.

The cousin on the couch

My Friends are 1

Dancing Karen didn’t make it

Adrien = Intense

Captain of the Drinken Games

Me with Ernie & Diana


These people are my LIFE.

You never saw this picture

My Favorite Sisters

Country People

Dot Com

Argh Matey.

A Tired Fetch

The Birthday Boy

just stating facts…

Andy & Adrien

Amanda & her bf Mark, the best tattoo man in Houston. (not pictured: Booby the Super-Dog)

Andy & Paula

2 Girls I’m Fiercely Loyal To. I love my Shabs & P-Diddy.

Jax was hungry so I got us a designated driver to travel the one block away to Sonic at 12am.

The Pre-Sonic Cheeto-Fest with Jacqueline.

Andy looks like he has wolf hands…

Mr. Berman getting molested.

Kavon & Shabs. (you have approval Shabs. Kavon is cool. Keep him around for awhile)

So yeah, anyways, I’m spending my Sunday relaxing at home until a) something more interesting comes along or b) monday arrives. Entourage and Flight of the Conchords is my reason to live today. Also, I’m making the decision to take a break from living like a frat boy for a iittle while… I’m taking the week to learn some baby games for the baby shower I’m hosting for Baby Rivas Jr. next week. (Any suggestions from you moms would be helpful) After that, I’m thinking that I may take a vacation out of state, most likely to Disney World. (I have credits on Jet Blue that I need to use) Who wants to come with me? Let me know.

Mike Cal.

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