Alaina’s gonna be a mommy!

“When life hands you lemons, go make orange juice.” … Now I know that quote as written by me makes about as much sense as an M.C. Escher but what the hell… Impossible Reality is something we should ALL be aiming for anyways! At least that’s what I believe….

While we’ve been having one heck of a summer, the last few weeks have been challenging in certain respects to long-term goals. As is such, this past week or so has brought good news as far as personal success for us. Chris succeeded in knocking out his interview yesterday and got the job he wanted! Also, An old ex of mine (the one I dated for over 2 years) called to tell me that she was going to be a mom. Usually, when an ex calls to say she’s pregnant, its not a good thing, but this one is a good friend that I care deeply about so I am sincerely so happy for her! And speaking of babies, Alaina & Jordan’s Baby Shower is coming together well! Its a big deal for me since I introduced those two to each other and am planning the shower with Lindsey. On top of that, Venesa got her teaching job, Emily got her new phone, Ash got her man, and GNZ & Ramiro are moving into their new place this weekend. Now this is a lot to take in but a few other good things happened to others as well as me also. All-in all, we have plenty of cause for celebration and I just want to let all of you know that I’m genuinely happy at all the good things that have been happening to everyone! I appreciate all of it, I promise! 🙂

So in light of all this, Chris and I hosted an absolutely spontaneous good time at the house in Lakes for the small group that popped over at the house. Burgers, Bratwurst, and Grilled-Asparagus completed the menu. Pinot Grigio completed Venesa. And the pool/hot tub combo completed us all! It was a lot of fun and as far as I’m concerned no drama happened at all! And topping the night off with watching The Departed on the brand-spankin’ new PS3 Blue Ray Player was fetch for real! So here are some pics, minus the ones from the Maxim Camera which will be uploaded later). Word to life. We’re fresh to death. Holler if you hear me!

Cheers to good people!

Olive Oil meets Asparagus

Nicole, Meet Asparagus. And that steel chicken looks like a giant Hershey Kiss.


April & Nicole

Dinner brought to you by Christopher & Andrew

Ball Busters!

Pool-Jitsu. I tried the kimura, which turns out doesn’t work under water.  Then Chris turned into a human backback and put me to drunken sleep.

The DNC is expanding to Rosenberg soon!

Nice one Holly!

Surprise Surprise… Kris Calimbas likes ass.

The patented Calimbas “hand block cock” move.

Playing in traffic on the way back to 1522.

Yargh. Surrender.

Thank you to our sponsors: Kroger, Berman Grilling, 2004 White Wines, and the DNC Westchase Chapter!

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