Movie Review: John Woo’s Red Cliff

I’ve posted some amazing pictures before. I’ve even spoken about an opportunity to tour with a good friend of mine. But when it comes to exploring the vast history of the Chinese empire, I haven’t had a great opportunity to highlight this amazingly interesting subject matter until now.

Think about it… Unless you focused specifically on other history in your collegiate or post-graduate studies, chances are that your academic and literary exposure to history centered around western civilization, such as Rome, Greece, and the Americas.

Famed Hong Kong Director John’s Woo’s latest epic movie, Red Cliff, gives viewers a rare opportunity to sneak a peek into China’s illustrious thousands-of-years long history. Set in a time period of tumultuous change, with a puppet Emperor and warlord’s waging war for control, this movie gives us the battle of Red Cliff. Fought in the year 208 AD, this was a pivotal and decisive battle during the end of the Han Dynasty and immediately predates the period of the three kingdoms.

I can not say enough how awesome this movie is. Probably the my favorite eastern action film ever. It was nominated for 15 honors at the famed Hong Kong Film Awards and its award-winning cinematography and visual effects make Lord of the Ring’s Battle of Minas Tirith seem like an afterthought. Set for a November US release, I highly recommend this film to any historian, or movie-goer for that matter.

Check out the preview for yourself.

The year was 208AD, the Prime Minister Cao Cao (Fengyi Zhang) has taken control of Northern China and made the Emperor a puppet ruler. But the south is defiance. Lord Liu Bei (Yong You) tries to fight and has excellent general, but is hopelessly outnumbered by Cao Cao “>Cao forces. He sets out to make an alliance with two other Southern Lords, the young Sun Quan (Chen Chang) and military expert Zhou Yu (Tony Leung). Liu Bei uses his chief adviser Kongming (Takeshi Kaneshiro) to negotiate with Lords. Even with this new alliance, Cao Cao still outnumbers the 3 Kingdoms with a force of 800,000 troops. Zhou Yu and Kongming sets out the win the coming battle with strategy, expert military tactics, trickery, the weather and spies. Here the two forces set out for the coming battle.

Tip: If you’re got a high-definition television, a suitable surround sound system, AND ATT U-Verse, you can screen this movie NOW by renting the HD Version for only $11 on Video on Demand. Do it quick though, I don’t know how much longer they’ll offer it since its coming out in theaters soon.

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