Ecovillage InanItah – Work/Stay/Trade Opportunities in Nicaragua

Dear Do-Gooders and World Travelers,

I wanted to re-introduce you to Duane Batcheler, a good friend and new addition to the DNC Worldwide community. A successful finance professional in his past life, Duane has traveled the world for the past five years for leisure and has also been a part of several projects focusing on cultural awareness, conservation, and learning. Now before we announce his current project, here is a little more about Duane, from Duane:

duaneIn September of 2004 I decided to sell everything I own and travel the world starting with Central and South America until April of 2006 when I broke my collar bone in Argentina. After a brief recovery at home I went to Europe for World Cup and to run with the bulls in Spain. After that I flew to Singapore and traveled through SE Asia and then up through China and into Tibet, Nepal and India. Then I flew to Hungary and worked my way to Turkey and through the Middle East and Africa starting with Egypt. From there I rode buses, trains, trucks, boats, and every other type of transport to get to Cape Town, South Africa. Then I flew up to Morocco and eventually took a boat to Gibraltar.

(Updated August 7, 2009) I’m done traveling for a bit and now working with a group called ‘Bona Fide’ on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua to learn permaculture over the next 6 months or so before building a community. I’m also working with a few groups on putting together a documentary on permaculture.


Opportunities to learn and expand our horizons never cease to amaze me.

Here’s Duane on his next project, which I would advise to anyone who is able to participate.

After spending the last few months on Ometepe helping with Bona Fide, I met Paul and Gaia who are setting up an intenti0nal community. It’s about 23 acres with road access and great views of the volcano.

The main focus on the community is sustainable living and learning. In order to create a sustainable way of life, it is important to recognize the multi-dimensional aspects of sustainable living: relationships, ecology, economics, and consciousness. We are currently building a community center of stone, local harvested timer, and thatch roof, applying various theories of organic and sustainable food production, practice hatha yoga, conscious communication and we create space for community support of self-reflective awareness.

We are looking for co-creators in the practice of creating sustainable living and learning environment, including builders, gardeners, coordinators, artists & musicians, and people with time and a desire to share and to learn. They can offer a trade of a simple room and board for services to be determined on an individual basis and are currently developing agreements for long-term involvement.

Here is a slideshow of Ecovillage InanItah.

Please contact Gaia at for more information.

Duane Batcheler

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2 Comments on “Ecovillage InanItah – Work/Stay/Trade Opportunities in Nicaragua”

  1. Alaina Rivas Says:

    Very cool…

  2. Megan Moore Says:

    This looks amazing, if you’re gifted with a skill to contribute why not? I’d like to find out more about these type of projects.

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