DNC Worldwide Exclusive – Rare Photos of the Endangered Mexican Lion

Breaking News – Our Venezuelan Assasin Ricardo Talavera (@ricardotalavera) has managed to traverse the wilds of Houston, TX, braving death and dismemberment, to locate the elusive Mexican Lion. As a lifelong fan of organizations like the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet,  and National Geographic, I have yet to see a living example of this species. Ricardo, kudos to you for being the first to identify this rare and magnificent beast!


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5 Comments on “DNC Worldwide Exclusive – Rare Photos of the Endangered Mexican Lion”

  1. Jess Forrest Says:

    That’s gotta be humiliating for a dog; being dressed up to look like a cat.

  2. Liz Talavera Says:

    it’s in our backyard… we’re charging $10/ person for a rare look.. 🙂

  3. Renata Kingsbury Says:

    That is awesome! U think my Pomeranian could pull it off?

  4. Sarah Bindhammer Says:

    i think he’s cute… dirty though

  5. Alaina Rivas Says:

    That is hilarious!

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