Fearless Weekend Sports Predictions from a Ninja

Okay so the biggest sports weekend so far in 2009 is upon us. Let me peer into my magic 8-ball and give you guys my fearless predictions. Anyone who wants to bet against me can comment below if they want to lose some hard-earned dollars.

UFC 94 Main Card Bouts:

  • Georges St. Pierre (#1 Welterweight in the World)* vs. B.J. Penn (#2 Lightweight in the World)*
    As everyone else who has seen UFC Primetime this past 3 weeks can see, these two guys are ready to go at it. Most everyone is picking GSP to win because of his all-star training camp and freakish athletic skills to go along with 3 years worth of improvement. Me, I’m not going that rout. I think BJ Penn will win. He sees this as the biggest fight of his career and has trained accordinigly. If his cardio holds up, and it will, GSP has no way of finishing him. And looking at it the other way, BJ can submit or KO St.Pierre. I say BJ by taking GSP’s back off a failed takedown attempt and choking him to the tap.
  • Lyoto Machida (#4 Light Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Thiago Silva (#10 Light Heavyweight in the World)*
    On paper, I would think that this is the most challenging fight of Lyoto’s career. A physical specimen at light heavyweight with Chute Boxe stye agression and extremely good muy thai striking. Add to that a BJJ Black Belt and Thiago Silva should have a shot at beating Lyoto. Only one problem though… He’s dealing with the most tactical, technically-proficient striker we have ever seen. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida is as intelligent of a fighte as they come, formulating a game plan that can stifle and frustrate just about anyone. I’m picking Lyoto to KO Silva in Round 2, right after Silva gasses trying to catch a ghost. 
  • Karo Parisyan (#10 Welterweight in the World)* vs. Dong Hyun Kim
    Karo Parisyan is supposed to run through this guy. He’s talked a big game as usual and has aligned himself with Greg Jackson’s supercamp. Only problem is that Karo seems to be dealing with some mental issues right now and I’m not sure he’s even going to make it to the cage on Saturday. There are talks if him back out. Even if he doesn’t, I’m taking Dong Hyun Kim by upset.
  • Nathan Diaz vs. Clay Guida
    Nate Diaz has been on a role lately. Losing fights all throughout and pulling it out with a slick submission in the end. Guida is an exciting fighte but prone to just this type of trap. I’m picking Nate Diaz by triangle in Round 2. After that, the UFC really needs to sign KJ Noons to settle that score. After KJ wins that one, Nick Diaz will be back in the UFC.
  • Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones
    Stephan Bonnar is back from injury! He was on a 2-fight win streak prior to injury and should by all accounts win this match, as he has gotten better during his time out. Unfortunately, I do not see him taking Jon Jones down and despite his golden gloves, I think the upstart Jones is just a little too fast for him on the feet and a little too good at wrestling to take down. Jon Jones by unanimous decision after he bloodies Bonnar’s face is my guess.

UFC 94 Preliminary Card Bouts:

  • Jon Fitch (#2 Welterweight in the World)* vs. Akihiro Gono
    Fitch by whatever he wants. This time by stoppage after dumping Gono on his head and GNP’ing his way to victory.
  • Jake O’Brien vs. Christian Wellisch
    Jack O’Brien by boring lay-n-pray decision.
  • Chris Wilson vs. John Howard
    Chris Wilson by submission.
  • Manny Gamburyan vs. Thiago Tavares
    Tavares by KO in the fight of the night. This will be a wild one on the feet, on the ground, in transition, and in finish.
  • Matt Arroyo vs. Dan Cramer
    Who cares? Arroyo I guess.

Super Bowl Pick

Pittsburgh Steelers over the Arizona Cardinals 31-24 in an up-and-down game. The game will be decided by a turnover.

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