game recognizes game… time to vote! (again)


I am taking a moment to assist my good friends at in finding the next individual to be featured in their Ploomy Girl column. There is no better men’s magazine online than Ploomy so this should be quite an honor for the winner(s).

The short list for consideration is as follows:

  • Julie Barbee
  • Knar Orchanian
  • Melissa Velez
  • Raena Micu
  • Suzanna Leighton
  • Dana Abu-Ain

Ninjas – based on what you see, who should win the contest to represent the DNC/Ninja Slippers in becoming the next Ploomy Girl?

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One Comment on “game recognizes game… time to vote! (again)”

  1. Mo V Says:

    errr. Mike? I’m not sure how I feel about this.

    besides, i voted for Dana (like any sane person would)..haha

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