Hello From Albany, NY!

My Dear Ninjas,

First of all, I just want to say that I miss you all very very much.  These past two years with the DNC have been the happiest two years of my life.  Thank you all for the memories; I’ll keep Elite and the DNC in my heart always (I’m going to start an Albany Chapter!)!!!

The journey to Albany was very long and arduous.  Ray and I left on Sunday afternoon after watching Frost, John Pierre, and Jordan make their smashing debuts by winning their fights at Lonestar Beatdown.  I couldn’t think of any better way to spend my last night with the DNC.  Anyways, I wish we took more pictures, but we were so tired that we didn’t bother.  The following will be written in great detail so I suggest taking your laptop into the bathroom for some good reading material while you poop.  Enjoy my dear friends.

Saturday – College Station

One of my last pictures taken in TX was with one of my first friends from the DNC:

Eddie & Marissa

Eddie & Marissa

Thank you for the proper send off:

Cheers to Marissa 🙂

Sunday – Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

After tying up all the loose ends, Ray and I loaded up into the UHaul and went on our way.  While passing through Beaumont, TX, we saw a billboard that said, “Golden Corral – The Best Restaurant in Beaumont, TX”.  Sweet Jesus!  I’m so glad I don’t live in Beaumont!  The pass through Texas was pretty uneventful, but Louisiana was a different story.  Ray was on the hunt for boudin sausage and we stopped off 4 times to try to find it and had no luck what-so-ever.  Needless to say, we were very peeved.  After hours and hours of searching, we finally decided to drive around Baton Rouge to find anything to eat.  After passing by a fried seafood restaurant, we deduced that it would be the best place to stop for dinner.  We ate a greasy and heavy dinner comprised of fish, oysters, shrimp, and clams – ALL FRIED.  After we finished dinner, it was my turn to drive.  Since Ray had just stuffed his face, we both thought that he would fall asleep easily.  Nope.  So we stopped off at a GAS STATION and BOUGHT WILD TURKEY!!!

Ray and his sleeping medicine

Ray and his sleeping medicine

Step One: MacGuyver yourself a high ball glass

Water Bottle + Pocket Knife = Louisiana High Ball Glass

Water Bottle + Pocket Knife = Louisiana High Ball Glass

Step Two: Pour the Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey in the UHaul

Wild Turkey in the UHaul

Step Three: Pour the Caffeine-Free Coke

Caffeine-Free Coke = Yummy Soda without the jolt

Caffeine-Free Coke = Yummy Soda without the jolt

Step Four: Enjoy



After killing half the bottle and putting some Coldplay on, Ray was finally able to fall asleep right as we were exiting Louisiana and entering Mississippi.  You would not believe how many “Waffle Houses” and “Cracker Barrels” I saw on my way.  I don’t know if any of you believe in ghosts, but I passed through a Civil War battlefield and got the weirdest feeling in the world.  I was pretty damn scared.  I almost woke Ray up but then I thought about the world of hurt I would’ve been in if I woke him up for such a retarded reason.

I drove through Mississippi and 3/4 of Alabama before suddenly getting very very sleepy.  It was about 4:30AM and since Ray was still drunk, I pulled into a truck stop to get some much-needed rest.  I got out to sleep in my corolla (we had it loaded up on a car-towing trailer) and made a huge mistake by doing so.  I only got 1/2 hour of rest because the cats in the back would not leave me alone nor would they stop meowing.

Monday – Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C.

After trying to rest for 2 hours, I couldn’t take anymore of my cats’ shit and decided to hit the road again.  Luckily, Ray got enough rest and took over driving.  At 6:30AM, we were on the road again.  While I slept, we drove out of Alabama and entered Georgia.  At 8:30AM, Ray woke me up so I could enjoy my first meal at a Waffle House.  Honestly, I have no idea how there are so many of those restaurants around because the food is shitty.  Regardless of the way it tasted, I still ate way too much and ended up passing out from food coma again.  I awoke an hour later to realize I missed Atlanta!  The drive through the Carolinas wasn’t all that eventful.  We stopped off in South Carolina to eat some Mr. Bojangles fried chicken.  Everyone in there looked like they were frequent customers of the place.  I think we were the only people in there who were under 200 pounds.  After arriving in Washington D.C., we checked into our hotel and tried some Ethiopian food:

Yummy Ethiopian Food!

Yummy Ethiopian Food!

It was pretty damn good.  I encourage everyone to try it!  After dinner, we decided to take a walking tour of D.C. at night.  The city is definitely magical at night.

Ok, Internet Explorer just crashed and WordPress is a God Damn Mother Fucking Piece of SHIT!!!! Fuck It, I’ve been up since 5:00AM and I’m tired. Last call is 4:00AM up here, come visit me. Here are the rest of the pictures. Once again, WordPress is a peice of shit.

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