2008 Vice Presidential Debate – Opinions

Did you guys watch the Vice Presidential debate last evening?

Other than miss-pronouncing a few things (“Nuculeer”) and repeating “maverick” many many times, Palin did reasonably well. The VPIF candidate finally showed the American public more than the standard talking points and spoke more like your next-door neighbor than a career politician. Middle America is going to identify with her.

Watch her as she goes in this, the best hightlight video of the Vice Presidential Debate.

Also, I was impressed by Joe Biden last night. His composure and refusal to attack Palin was impressive. Taking the high road was definitely the smarter political move. And his answers on most of the questions did not lose him any points. Biden had a clear understanding of the facts, citing the record of both he and McCain on many occasions.

I was not shocked to hear that it scored a 30% higher Nielsen Rating than the first Presidential Debate.

Full Video of the Vice Presidential Debate

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