Houston Ninjas plan for Hurricane Ike

Play song before reading for full effect

Hurricane Ike: What are we facing?

The Houston-Galveston area is preparing for Hurricane Ike. The storm is expected to become a Category 4 Hurricane by the time it is expected to hit the area this weekend. On a track to hit south of Houston, the hurricane is expected to give Houston the “dirty side” of a category 4, bringing storm surges of 20 ft. in some areas. Maximum sustained winds were near 100mph as of 4am today, with higher gusts, and the storm was moving at a speed of 9mph towards the area.

For Houston area residents, the decision on whether to evacuate in the face of Hurricane Ike is looming. Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett, called for mandatory evacuations in low-lying areas earlier today. “We’re not talking about gently rising water,” he said. “We’re talking about a surge that will come into your homes.” says Emmett. Houston area mayor Bill White is urging employers to give non-essential employees the day off on Friday. And a decision on whether to shift the area’s highway traffic to assist in outbound evacuation will be made by rush hour today.

Earlier I spoke with Christina, a friend who lives five minutes from Galveston Bay. She says her family is evacuating this afternoon. “This weekend definitely isn’t the weekend to go surfing,” she says.

Evacuating and Hurricane Supplies

For those planning on leaving, do it now. To ease traffic, the Texas Department of Transportation cleared debris and opened extra lanes for traffic heading away from the coast. Should you wait any longer, you run the risk of being stuck in traffic. Lest we forget the lesson that Hurricane Rita taught us. People DIED while in traffic for over eight hours. Others ran out of gas with nowhere to go. Which leads me to my next point…

If you plan on staying and riding out the storm ninja-style, make SURE that you stock up on supplies for the weekend. Head to your nearest Sam’s Club or Costco and find your essentials.

  • Bottled Water
  • Non-perishable foods
  • A power-supply
  • Batteries
  • Plywood

Again, success equals preparation + execution so if you’re going to do all this, do it today.

What are the Ninjas of the DNC going to do?

I spoke to Ninja Eddie earlier, who was instructed by his employer to take the rest of the week off to prepare. The microbiologist had this to say, “My parents offered up their place in the Woodlands to us but we should respectfully decline.” And so, as is ninja rule, we’re going to stay and FIGHT the storm.

Don’t worry, we’re not really fight the storm. We’re just going to stay in defiance. Plans call for Hurricanes and Kamikazes for the rest of the week leading up to Friday. And when the storm finally hits, we shall party like pre-apocalyptic hippies. Ever seen Independence Day? DNC West Headquarters is going be like the roof of the Capitol Building and I’m going to be the crazy motherf*cker holding the sign.

Worry not for the ninjas though. We’ve got plenty of supplies.

  • 40 cases of non-perishable beer (and an icebox full of ice)
  • A full bar stocked with dozens of unopened bottles
  • NEW massive house speakers to blast hurricane songs (a gift to the DNC from Preston)
  • Packs and packs of hot dogs from Costco
  • A few of those arm floater thingies
  • A freshly-painted beer pong table
  • Red cups for Flip Cup
  • Rock Band
  • Power Supply

For those needing Shelter

The DNC would like to extend an open invitation to any Ninjas who wish to remain in the area during the storm. Yeah the wind will howl and it will rain but that’s all that we expect on this side of town. So we’re going to sit here and wait it out like we always do. Hurricanes and Hand Grenades for the rest of the week, along with flip cup and beer pong. Come on by if you want to join the madness!

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