Is it okay for children to fight in MMA?

With MMA’s increasing popularity, more and more kids are drawn to the sport.  And as usual when it comes to MMA, there is swirling controversy; this time about how young is too young.

ABC Expose

The following clip from ABC talks about differing viewpoints on what type of sparring/training kids should be experiencing.  Enjoy and don’t forget to give your thoughts!

Click Here to view ABC’s expose on Kids fighting MMA

Editors Note: Watch out for the hot California MILF in this video. I give her at least an 8/1/7.

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2 Comments on “Is it okay for children to fight in MMA?”

  1. Alias Says:

    That was a good video. This is a tough question. I think it depends on the kid sometimes. But, I think those kids who looked well under 10 yrs old are too young. The should just learn and compete in grappling and if they want to hit pads and stuff that’s fine. Having those 6, 7, 8 year old kids compete with MMA type rules is crazy. You can tell some of those kids really don’t wanna be there when they get hit. That’s too young to force them to be tough.

  2. LingLingTheRedDragon Says:

    If I had a child (God forbid that I squeeze out a Hell Spawn), I would definitely put him/her in MMA at a young age! I think the context in which parents put it in makes it very important though. There are lots of idiots out there with children. Seriously, some people need to be neutered/spayed.

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