The World’s Largest Grappler

This could quite possibly make it into the Guiness Book of World Records…

Straight from the NAGA Dollamur Championships in Dallas, TX is this video of a 425ibs black belt competing in Brazilian JiuJitsu. Never in my life have i ever seen someone so massive in our sport.

What size do you think that gi is? Guess to win a prize.

BTW – Watch out for a cameo from Elite‘s own E-Dub and Hai & Tight!

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2 Comments on “The World’s Largest Grappler”

  1. Alias Says:

    How can you be that big after grappling for years?

  2. LingLingTheRedDragon Says:

    Oh. My. God. That gi’s size is way out of the normal A range; it’s gotta be like Double D’s or something.

    To answer Tal’s question, I’m guessing he was probably Kubes-sized until he got his black belt and then ballooned after getting it.

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