Beautiful Little War – Russia vs. Georgia

What do you know about the Russian/Georgian conflict? Admittedly, I knew next to nothing before today other than that Russians were invading Georgia. Seemed kind of… well…. boring to me as far as armed conflicts go. But I’ve changed my mind.

Apparently, this little war has an interesting story. Have any of you ever read The Game by Neil Strauss? Yeah, yeah… go ahead and make fun of or dismiss the whole PUA thing. I’ll go ahead and do both. That’s not the point of this. Remember the Chapter where Mystery and Strauss are caught up at the border of a sovereign mile-long little Eastern European town and barely escape with their lives? Well I think this is it.

Gary Brecher of Exiled Online has the best backstory overview of the whole thing entitled, “War of My Dreams.” (read here) It may seem FRAT at first but it’s actually a DNC Worldwide – Alter-Egos for Good People › Edit — WordPressvery very interesting, if not overly-biased read.

Amateur shots by Ilia Plehanov, via, from Southern Ossetia

Southern Ossetia  47

Southern Ossetia  48

Southern Ossetia  51

Southern Ossetia  52

Southern Ossetia  53

Southern Ossetia  54

Southern Ossetia  55

Southern Ossetia  56

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