Social Experiment #1

I’m a firm believer that it is the experiences in life that makes life worth living.  Also, memories are better shared so here’s what I’m introducing to the world.  I’m calling it Social Experiments and I invite others to let me know of others you played and post them up here for fun.

The first social experiment was inconclusive due to Captain Save a Hoe but we’ll get back to that.  The experiment was to greet a person of the opposite sex with a sort of backhanded compliment.  The trick is actually making this work so it’s all in the delivery.  Now this is a new concept I wish to include and last nights test was inconclusive due to Capt. Save a Hoe interrupting me during the process to apologize to the intrigued lady.  The line used was simple and lighthearted, “you have great legs but are those pants meant to be jeans or capris?”  Omar “oh no! there’s a hoe in danger!”

The rest of the night was well spent with dinner at Chuy’s followed by a beer pong tourney, flip cup obstacle course and insame amount of drinking at Johnnys.  Well here’s some pics from the night but stay tuned to the Social Experiments and post em if you’ve got em.  Till then here’s some pics from the evening.

Whoop that trick, get em!

Whoop that trick, get em!

The flip cup obstacle course include the standing spins, laps around the table and a slalom run.
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One Comment on “Social Experiment #1”

  1. pocketninja Says:

    great random monday…fun time as always with my favorite boys…


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