Training, Gardening, Drinking in Davao

Training at Python’s Pit MTS

Python’s Pit – team I’m training with in Davao, Philippines

no-gi rolling – real slippery!

Island Hopping

They don’t call us “Flips” for nothing!

Real Life Gilligan

Bootleg Karate Kid!


O-Mac-Donald-Had-A-Farm. EIEIO!

Our Bonsai Garden

Watering & Repotting


the real value is in the roots

moss protects the soil from drying

don’t trim too often

At the bar – DaMossa

Mike & Giselle

Nobody can snorkel a beer faster!

Foosball – An American Classic

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One Comment on “Training, Gardening, Drinking in Davao”

  1. […] having to leave the building at all.   Now part of the peacefulness of it all was learning how to tend bonsai trees with my Uncle Bibo and Auntie Norma. That was an every morning thing routine for us. I’d get […]

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