Sushi with Laura & Alaina

Solace ..Sol"ace.., v. t. [imp. & p. p. Solaced; p. pr. & vb. n.
Solacing.] [OF. solacier, soulacier, F. solacier, LL.
solatiare. See Solace, n.]
1. To cheer in grief or under calamity; to comfort; to
relieve in affliction, solitude, or discomfort; to
console; -- applied to persons; as, to solace one with the
hope of future reward.

“The comfort in knowing that, no matter what happens, everything will be okay.”

Guys, I’ve had the most horrid day. But after gaining some perspective in the 11th hour, I feel great! I went to the office today feeling a tad bit under-appreciated as of late, with me taking a $18,200 personal hit on a deal for the integrity of honoring a company contract, amongst other things. The money wasn’t even the issue. It was more an issue of appreciation and respect for everything I do in my current role as manager with this organization. In any case, myself and several of my officemates spent the day at OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) at the Reliant Center. Rather than making the event a celebration of free gifts from the oil & gas industry, it became much more than that. We shared information about a villainous co-worker, bitched about internal ethical dillemnas concerning executive management at the FMC Lounge, and complained about unfair practices as a whole. Overall, talking about it was a horrid, morbid experience. I mean, combining turmoil at work with a close friend’s personal loss sort of made enjoying the day a mute point. And throwing a ball at an innocent bystander (oops!) and fumbling a meeting with a cute chick named Renee at the Career Builder Booth (thanks myspace! I have no game…) made me feel like total shit. Bad day. Bad, bad day. But you know what… it’s alright. Everything turned out okay after all.

After dropping everyone off and heading home for an hour of unwinding, Alaina invited me out to a forget-it-all sushi dinner and that’s exactly what we did. Right up my alley. It is absolutely amazing what a night of sushi, sake, grey goose martinis, and more sake can do for a man. I gained a lot of perspecitve. Laura, a friend of mine that has been off teaching and traveling in SW Asia, was back in town and joined us at Japaneiros. We ate some good rolls (comfort food) and staggered, screaming and all, to P.F. Chang’s for some more sake. Also, while I was there, I comforted a friend, flirted with Priscilla, and met a girl named Emily who apparently works at a furniture store and set another sake night for thursday at 9:30. (note to self: 1. is she dating jake? 2. are the astros tickets for wed or thurs?)

Anyways, lesson learned. Don’t always take notice of all the negativity in life. It will only bring you down.Rather, take note of everything that is good in the world, like comfort food, mind-clearing and alcohol induced good times, and above all…. the best friends anyone could have. That makes me a MUCH happier person and I feel better. Goodnight.

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