Superbowl Weekend 2008

With January in the books we have to continue our momentum in making 2008 the most fun and memorable year ever.

With Silver’s Birthday dinner on Friday, I can now say that I have been to one of America’s Top 10 Steakhouses (source: Maxim and GQ Magazine). And while much of Saturday afternoon was spent at Starbucks and the mall, I also went to another badass steakhouse, Taste of Texas, for the second week in a row. Add 30+ of our closest friends convening at Howl at the Moon into the mix and the weekend was in full swing. We concluded the weekend with a smörgåsbord of ribs, chicken, sausage, burgers, and all kinds of BBQ at our place for the most exciting, albeit low-scoring, Superbowl ever. The following pictures should tell most of the story.

The Strip House – Silver’s Birthday Dinner

Silver Post-Meal

Karen’s first “company function”

Audra and Jimmy

Karen, Conti, Tunde, Gene, Silver

Careful. Drunken Ninjas are behind you.

Silver and Gene about to jet off in the Maserati.

Ridiculous Outtake – Chris bought this weird hang-upside-down teeter hang up machine. It’s supposed to solve the answers to the mysteries of life.

I’m not entirely sold on it yet…

…but Chris has now taken to sleeping and watching movies in it.

Eric P’s birthday Dinner at Taste of Texas

Here’s Chris, Clint, and Amber

And Mark came in from Waco

Drunken Ninjas have invaded many a steakhouse lately.

Here is the birthday boy with Kristi. Karen in the foreground.

Mark flabbergasted by his check. Next time, we should pay full attention to the dollar amounts next to the bottles of wine. lol.

Clint & Amber. Another ELITE couple.

ala Tristan from Legends of the Fall. (i’m ashamed that I know that. lol.)

Kristi getting attacked by the bronze man on the way out.

After Dinner, Now comes the drinks! (Howl at the Moon)

The only thing dumber than one of us is all of us!

Wiseman and his fiancee.

Hai ordering never-ending jaeger bombs.

Eric starting to get out of control.

Outside of Howl @ the Moon with a background of Houston

Jesse bodyguarding the piano guys.

The Rivas Family w/ Kris’ date in the foreground.

My sister-in-law and I.

DNC en mass.

We’re building an army.

Look at Chris’ facial expression: He looks like he just nutted on his own leg.

Turkey on Wheat.

Alex and I making a Karen sandwich.

There is the finished result.

Roommates + Potential Roommates

Rockin’ Out.

Erik hiding in the background.

4am aftermath at the DNC Main office.

Until next time…. PEACE OUT from Jino & the entire DNC. Ahhh Woo!

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