Saint Patrick’s Weekend

Here are some photo highlights from the past few weeks:

Venessa and Karen the night we all left each other in the village. That was a crazy time. Bronx Bar and Brian O’Niells was WAY too packed.

Karen and I doing our best impression of blue steel. That’s right, bringing it back in 08! (as if it ever really went away)

The 2 K Kids on Saint Patrick’s Day after work.

Here’s Pat with Vince and I. Was her name really Pat? That I don’t remember.

The Elite Boys on Saint Patty’s.

Kris doing the “page rank” to the sound of the beat. lol. Cheesy, I know. He doesn’t even know what the ’page rank’ is….

Lilliana and I.

Something about Bolivians and Filipinos going together. Oh so cute!

Beer Goggles! Ran into Ashley for the first time since AJ left. Damn… we miss you f*cknut. When you coming back to Houston to come visit?

By the way…my dad parties harder than Kris and I do sometimes. Here he is in Las Vegas hanging out with Manny Pacquaio and crew after his fight with Vasquez. (my dad is the one in the brown jacket.)

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