Oct 2006

Noon. Waking up with a wicked headache in a strange leather couch in an urban condo on Hazard in midtown with $200 worth of new twenty dollar bills lining my pockets. And I wasn’t even planning to go out last night. How did I get here you ask?

The answer lies in a an angry Jino pouring water over my face, but let’s go even further than that. After the fury that was the busiest work week ever, I came home on Friday afternoon spent. On top of all that, I had to do some yardwork and pool maintenance as soon as I got home. No naps, no rest, no anything. Eventually, around nine or so amd after several encouraging phone calls from Karen and negotiating Lindsey’s arrival to meet up with Karen & Jino, I headed over the Rice Village for what should have been a quiet dinner at Two Rows. A few drinks later and the group ends up double its original size, as Reinig, Elliot, Neha, and her friend meet us up at Jino’s place.

I get this great idea of going to Marfrelles on West Gray for drinks and conversation. After piling twenty people in Jino’s car/driveway momentary, we finally get going and meet Basil there. Upon arrival, everyone could sense something unusual because when you went upstairs and took a look, all you could see were couples upon couples necking on the couches. Yes, I concur. It very much looked like a swingers bar but I didn’t mean to take you guys to a swingers bar! LOL. Its not always like that, I swear. Anyhow, we eventually migrated to a group of couches in the corner and drank ourselves silly and talking. Ordering a bottle of Ferrari-Carano chardonnay, finishing it off, and following it with a stout double of single malt was probably not the best idea but what the hell, i’d been drinking beer and scotch all night. It was insane. But shortly after one, we decide to head back to the village.

Now you would think that would be the night-ender, as it most often usually is. But somehow, all ten smoking ones of us walk down Morningside, steaming, staggering, and hiding behind cars before finally getting there. Now what happens from this point on, I honestly cannot remember. All I know is I ended up in Jino’s bed, eventually passed out drunk next to a pretty girl while everyone else is downstairs being drunk and stupid. Now I guess Jino got mad for some reason or another and got the bright idea to dump water on my face at 5am so I got mad and left. Not being in any condition to drive, I somehow get in Basil’s car and wind up in the Galleria at someone’s apartment at six in the morning. Now while I don’t remember anyone’s names, I do remember that we did play poker for pretty nice money. In between my sleeping and being absolutely hammered, I won the whole thing and took home a nice chunk of change. It took me awhile to figure that out but it felt really good when I did. After scavenger hunting around River Oaks and Rice Village, I eventually found my phone and camera and limped my way home to rest and shower before gearing up to do it again this evening. Good times, good times!

Jino & Elliot in a spooky picture

Two N’Awlins folk & a Missisipi Girl

The Wine Connoseaur & the Lady that is dead inside

So sad…

Here are the girls but why am I doing the frankenstein like in Grandma’s Boy? Hmm.

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