Inaugural ‘Lonestar Beatdown’ MMA Event in College Station, TX

It never seems to amaze my innocent soul when the master blasters of Elite take over a bar, town, fight, or generally cause mayhem all over wherever we are at the time. The group hit a new high this past Friday night when the REAL wrecking crew took over College Station, TX for a night of drinking and destruction.

While I did make it to work on Friday morning, the day never really got started until I rendezvoused with Eddie at his place around. Leaving there a little more confused than when we arrived, we took off for college station in a blur after a quick lunch at the local Dairy Queen and a quick carwash on the way. Less than two hours later and we are in Hyper’s sterling hotel room at the CS Step-Plaza, complete with a toiler paper holder in the bathtub. Who the hell needs a toiler paper holder in the bathtub?!? Oh man, good thing we weren’t in possession of a black-light. It would have revealed wonders about the history of that room. Since Hyper and Clint had literally not slept after a night spent in the village, they were in much need of tacklin’ fuel so we take all five of us and pile into my civic and head to the local Applebee’s to “gas up” before heading the fight venue, Hurricane Harry’s.

The production, Lonestar Beatdown, had a hell of a turnout and was a success thanks to the hard work of Mick Maynard and over very own matchmaker and Head Ninja of E.M.A, Eric Williams. We had the pleasure of watching our fighters from Elite, Dallas Mabry & Ray Blodget both won their fights in convincing fashion amongst some other great fights. Thanks to Mick elevating us to “Staff” status for the evening, we got to enjoy all nine fights from the elevated entrance ramp in what was essentially the best view of the venue. Ray submitted his man via kimura after what was a brutal war, as evident by the mouse under his eye. Dallas toyed with his man for 38 seconds, mounting and beating him into submission in that time as well. Now while these guys were working, we, the support staff, were working as well… Working on getting hammered! Good thing the fights ended when they did because we would have exploded sitting there…

The victory celebration took place at North Gate, which is very similar to 6th Street in Austin or the square in any college town. Arriving to V Bar was definitely a catalyst, as Eddie, Clint, and I were all clamoring for shots from the bartender. On the other side of the bar, more shots were being simultaneously ordered by the other half our group, in Ajay, Rico, and their ladies. By the time we left V Bar for library, I can vaguely recall having taken somewhere in the neighborhood of six shots, a double of the fine Glenlivet, and a few of what them college station boys call “brewskies”….

The Library was a nice place to wind things up and back down again. A short walk from the V Bar, it seemed like our whole group of Elite and friends ended up taking over that place before the night was over. It was an awesome time. I danced on top of the couch with Ashley while Ricky Bobby picked up and subsequently took home a gymnast on the other side of the bar. Hyper was running around making everyone take shots while Dallas was outside beating up three guys. Our hitman, Mr. Ricardo, demanded answers from a fella that was trying to talk to his girlfriend while Ajay was running around making funny faces. Needless to say, it was a great time.

I cannot even recall driving to IHOP after the library, or who was in my car. What I can recall is ending up asleep in my car after mid-meal and peacefully sleeping until I feel the car moving with a Banshee driving it, having kidnapped me. I couldn’t even be rescued by the Ricky Bobby, who popped up out of nowhere with the gymnast, because Esta Loca wouldn’t stop the car. I pass out again and next thing you know and I’m lost on the other side of college station, driving, ducking, and weaving around construction and police to pick up Eddie and Spencer, who were left at the bar by the wicked witch. Thankfully I avoid detection by my would-be captors to pick up our fallen comrades. Let this is be a lesson, you don’t leave a man behind! Thankfully, I managed to get us back to the step-plaza in one piece. After driving 20 minutes, it was at this point that I realized that IHOP was actually only three blocks from the hotel and not near the library or the football field where I was.

Now picture this… It’s 4:30am. You’re so drunk that you can’t walk a straight line. It’s 60 degrees outside and you have no place to stay and don’t want to intrude on any of your drunk friends. What do you do? What the hell do you do? LOL. Well, Eddie and myself were faced with that predicament. Like the eagle scouts that we are, and using $1000 suits as blankets, we lit up a nightcap and slept in my car with a wonderful view of the hotel pool before waking up to a beautiful day and driving back to Houston, listening to Mr. Big and Mobb Deep all the way back until we are sitting in the apartment with the door open, Eddie jamming the guitar with me on the harmonica until brunch at Fountainview Café….

A Ton Of pictures!


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