Kris’ 23rd Birthday

drinkin’ it up before the party..

playin’ power hour – 60 shots/60 minutes!

in your face girl.

Kris and friends..

Hit the pinata drunk boy!

what the f*ck are you doing?

contents of pinata… fortune cookies & chopsticks

me and my brother drinkin’

Kris is a slut!

Pi Kapps – Omicron Class

All in all, a fun night!

LOL! I have no idea who left that there!

Throwing a 3 keg party for 300 people = friend’s & pledges’s money

Breaking up two fights = lost beer

Having the cops breaking down the door because some drunken local drives drunk into the curb, assaults Danny, & tries to barricade himself in your house = roommate’s poor bong broken by cops & and a busted down door

Burning the dude’s doo-rag after he gets arrested and hauled away = priceless!

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