Goodness gracias what a healthy past week its been!

The impromptu house/bar warming party last Friday culminated with a simultaneous beer-pong tournament inside by our bar and a 3-guitar & bongos jam session outside next to our basketball court at the house. It went strong for hours on end and thanks to everyone for coming. I believe I was laid out by the flip cup bet that I lost to my brother! (video available by request)

Rico’s Baby Shower/UFC Party on Saturday was awesomeness. The newlyweds were great hosts to the Elite Crew and there was so much food that I think I gained about 5 pounds just by showing up. Dallas and his 22 cookies… LOL @  “I haven’t had the baseball one yet!” After leaving Rico’s, a bunch of us headed off to Bronx Bar. Thanks to Ryan T for letting my shoe-switching friends in sans dress code. We had an awesome time listening to Crazy Dave’s stories about being kidnapped by FARC in Colombia and being forced to teach the guerillas how to fight and kill people. Between that and being locked in a warehouse in Canada for 6 months, I must say that man has the most interesting life out of all of my dear friends. And to think, we only almost got into 2 fights as a group last weekend. Not bad compared to the last time Jordan, Eddie, and I were all in the village together. I can still remember the epic battle with the Rice Football Players and the Thug Mansioners in the parking lot. Hard to imagine that was a year or two ago already. Hit and Run indeed.

From then to about now, it’s been lots of productivity at DNC Westchase. We’ve been all over the world. You name it… Kirkland’s, Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross…. we’ve been to all these places. Wild life, I know.

LOL…. I can’t wait until this weekend. Beer Pong Tourney against the Wuss Women of Westchase on Friday and then straight off to San Marcos with Kris & Chad to float the river on Saturday morning. Music Festival in Austin on Saturday Night and then back to Houston on Sunday. Should be fun stuff!

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