Downtown with Beto from Brazil

I am definately worn out by ast night’s festivities. From Steve’s knockout at the fights to the catty little girl fights and the House of Pies, last night was definately full of surprises. I’m definately going to lay down a full recap so I can remember it.

At noon training, the guys decided to meet up around 6 for the fights. Me and Ashleigh headed over to Eddie’s a little early to meet up with Eddie, Kara, Omar, and Jordan. After a little reggae and bubbles, we hopped in Jordan’s car to meet the other half of the guys @ Chili’s. Shouldn’t have had the big el nino drink in the girlie cup. Forrest raped my dignity on that one. But yeah, after a round of shots and Van Dielen from CBeyond meeting up with me, we ended up finally leaving for the venue around 7:15 and got there almost on time after picking up a bottle of vodka from Spec’s and damn near drinking 10 drinks before we got there!

We parked so low down in the Bayou Place parking lot that it would take us forever to get to the line but fortunately for us, we got a vip ride to the top in a security golf cart. And as soon as we got there, E was already in the front of the line so we cut right in. The only thing sweeter than that luck was watching our boy Steve knock Tim Snyder out with one second left in the first round of their fight! The Elite contingent 42 of that dominated the upper left half of the balconies were so amped and definately made our presence known for our figher. The bout itself was pretty back and forth, with a lot of thai clinches and some good low kicks from Steve. That right hook landed right on the button and put Snyder to sleep. He had to get helped back to his stool. It was definately the knockout of the night and I’m tellin’ ya, “that lil’ mes-can can fight!” As far as the other action, it was a pretty decent card but sort of anticlimactic b/c of Steve & Tim’s fight. Sitting ringside to watch the Zane Watson fight was pretty cool. At least Ashleigh got to see what MMA looks like up close. Special thanks to the GAMC boys for hooking that up. That was awesome! Three or four beers after getting back to our original seat, we filed out of the Verizon and headed for main street.

A group of about ten of us, hmm let’s see… (me, Ashleigh, Jordan, Eddie, Kara, Omar, Adrian, her sister, Spencer, Forrest, Eric, his girl, Beto) went out and took the streets. Since Beto, who is visiting us from Brazil, is only 20, we had to figure out a good place to go. We were headed to 410 but that was closed so Forrest and E’s chick did some of his magic and got us all into Opus for free and with no line! Now this is where the insaneness happens. Forrest and Beto go straight to the dance floor, as is the normal routine with that crazy guy, and they pretty much go all out, all night, dancing with Adrian, her sister, and random women. The rest of us had an awesome time as well, dancing like fools and running up bar tabs so high that personally, I might have to get a second job just to pay it off. lol. The good time this evening wasn’t without its share of incidents though. There was the crotch-fight. Basically, E ran up to me to say that some guy just grabbed Ashleigh so I took off to go find this guy. Sure enough, next thing we know, I’m about to lay into this guy and then simultaneously, the big massive king kong lookalike of a bouncer, Richard, runs up and gets in between us. Beto and the other guys come up a the same time. We were about a hair away from a full-scale ugly situation. Basically, somehow, myself and Omar get put outside for a few minutes and yell at each other because we were so bewildered and then someone apologized to us and let us back into the club. That was incident A. Incident B, which is the women’s turn, is really nothing short of drama. Basically, some of the girls with us were really drunk and kind of catty to the other girls in the group. Whatever. Speaking of women, Purple boy had a good time making out with one. Nice! We eventually left the club around close and exited downtown yelling random funny obscenities at random people.

We wound down the night at the House of Pies, where I called on a dinasour or two because of the red bull. Not pretty. A snore on Eddie’s couch and a passenger seat ride in my car home and that was it. Awesome night!

4 Tickets to Renegades – $80
Shots, food, drinks @ Chilis – $48
Bottle of Stoli’s @ Spec’s – $20
Beers @ the fights – $30
Valet Parking – $15
Drinks @ Opus – $60
House of Pies – $20
Spending all of sunday laying on the couch – priceless!
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