Christopher Reinig’s Birthday Dinner at Mark’s American

Mark’s American Cuisine for Chris’ birthday was the a great idea. An old church converted as a gourmet American restaurant on Westheimer/Dunlavy, Mark’s is awesome. The menu, which is changed by the chef twice daily, was to die for. My ultimate respect to Chef Mark Cox. Also, Mark’s had a really good wine list. Most importantly, we got to just spend time with close friends and mentors. It’s too bad there is a numeral limit on making reservations for Friday, on Friday. Otherwise, Chris would have loved to have more of his close friends there. Eric, Hai, and Gus made it. Mark came in from Waco, and Lauren from New Jersey did likewise. Eric P. and Kristi came while my brother and I rounded out the group.

For dinner, I had the duck and the cornish game hen. Reinig started us off with some cabernet (Constant) after a few drinks at the bar. We progressed into Pinot Noir with the entrees and of course, Port, en route to dessert. It was a really REALLY good dinner with really good people. For good reason as well. Our best friend Chris, who, despite our rare disagreements, is a person I feel blessed to know as a friend, brother, and mentor (even though he might not know it, lol). And did I mention Chris took care of the whole tab for the table? A nearly $2,000 dinner to show your appreciation to your friends on YOUR birthday?! Who does that?!?! We’re blessed. ALL of us. We have such a good group of friends. Love you guys!

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