3.26.06 – Fights

The blaringly apparent pang I feel in my head from the hangover from hell is the only remnant from a night of absolute debauchary. Fate was definately trying to tell me something when I fell over a parking bump and ate shit in Eddie’s parking lot before we even left for the fights. We all knew it was going to be that type of night…

I met up with the crew at Eddie’s and Omar’s around 4:30. Marissa Wu from Austin met us up there as well. Shortly upon our arrival, Marissa and myself went to El Patio for a a quick dinner and four of those brutally blue margaritas that they are so famous for. After gaining that initial buzz, we stopped by Spec’s to procure about $100 worth of Petron, Vodka, and drinking accessories, which we subsequently put to good use when we got back to apartment. Between putting on our suits, taping boobs down, mixing vodka/cranberries, taking petron shots, and falling down in the parking lot, we were finally ready for the fights.

The most hilarious moment ever happened right in front of the Toyota Center. See, Omar dropped us all off right in front before parking his car. Apparently, Marissa totally forgot she was carrying the bottle of Petron and a limes in the ziploc. So we’re walking to the entrance and she drops the limes right in front of these police officers. Keep in mind we were already hammered by now… So yeah, the cops yell at us, as we’re walking away, that we dropped our limes. Way to be incognito right. We ended up taking a few more petron shots in front of the arena before hiding the petron outside in an inconspicious location. Oh yeah, we got the tequila back after the fights.

We only stayed for three fights or so. Only one of which I remember. Steve beat some guy from Cardella’s school. I bought an $85 round of double-somethings from the Toyota Center for the group. That bartender at club level bar 119 absolutely raped my wallet. That drink also caused Marissa to pass out in her seat. Anyways, pictures of Steve’s fight below.

Upon our abrupt exit from the event, we ended up going to Kara’s Condo so she could change. Several pool games, a busted lip, and some drunken wrestling, we ended up leaving for Red Door.

Yup. The beginning of the end. I totally threw up in the parking lot. This, ladies and gentlemen, was the beginning of the end.

The rest of the night? I can hardly remember it but Omar took pictures so apparently, here they are.

That’s about it. So yeah, we left…

A House of Pies later and it’s bedtime for a very sick, dinasour-calling on the balcony bullet and friends.

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