San Marcos – December 06

(the infamous coffee table can withstand the weight of 20 sorostitutes max)

(an average scene at the Crest townhouse)

By all clear accounts, the answer is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20. At least that is what I surmize after this weekends’ trip to my brother Kris’s place on Crest in San Marcos. I’d say those guys throw some pretty good parties. Apparently, a Pi Kapp named JDog moved in next door as well so the party space doubled in the couldesac. I think everyone in San Marcos has probably been there at one point or another.

(the back of kris’ head and justin harris drunk as usual)

I actually went down to San Marcos with Gene, Spencer, Keinan, and Joseph from work. Gene graduated from Texas State in May so he had his own people to hang out with at the Sigma Nu Lodge. They have a pretty badass place in their own right and pretty much for everyone, the whole weekend was just an avenue to get as hammered as possible. I think that, after a few 24 packs, some keg rolling, a bottle of Evan Williams and some vodka, in addition to the cheebs, we all accomplished our goal.

(next door at JDog’s)

Got back into town today. Back to the brutal world of the Suit Mafia and work beginning tommorow. Hopefully this week starts like last monday, when Brent took the entire market to the Rockets game. That was an awesome gesture!

(Brent – Market Director for the Suit Mafia)

(Rockets vs. Celtics 12.6.05)

(Suzanne – ICP Team Member)

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