Mancations, Eeyore’s Music Festival, and Many Random People

The weekend had gone on non-stop since Thursday. And finally, my one chance at a moment of reflection came and went as I drifted off to sleep upon trying to write this blog last night. So here is a brief recap.

Tipsy Thursday – Fun, Fun, Fun time. Paula, Kris, and I paved our own way as we went and hung out with Ryan and crew at Bronx Bar in the village. Not surprisingly, we spent most of the night getting bumped into and also messing with Devin and Fallon, Bronx’s own goofy ass dancing bartenders. In another note, Kris scared a little girl. She looked young so he asked to I.D. her. She asked, “oh no, are you TABC?” In response he said, “I’m TABC certified, let me see your I.D. now.” She relented. lol.

Fizzy Friday – After a kickass training class at work, I went home to witness some very devious plotting by my devious DNC-ers. We had been egging on J-Mac, Kim, and their crew for over a week now re: kicking their tails in beer pong. We definitely got more than what we bargained for in that they (sans J-Mac), along with about 10 others, came over for a night of drinking and debauchery. By the end of the deal, a couple of us were sprawled along the sectional sofas, couches, and beds around the house… passed out in all our drunken glory.

Mancation Saturday – Imagine my surprise when I awoke in the morning in all my… drunken glory … Our new friends that passed out at the house had left for home at daylight so Chad, Brad, Kris, and I decided to book it to Austin, TX for Fraturday Saturday. We actually went around the whole world, or at least San Marcos, before making it ATX at about 4pm to check into the Intercontinental Hotel. (more on that later) The ride there Austin was actually fairly eventful, as Kris got dookie on his shorts… Don’t ask..

Anyways, to the music festival! – We met Sarah and friends at the park opposite Breckenridge Hospital for the Lonestar State Jam, a country marley-esque music festival of TX artists on Eeyore’s Birthday. We hung out there for the bulk of the afternoon, listening to Cross Canadian Ragweed, Roger Creager, Corrow Morrow, etc. and hijacking Sarah’s beach towel sitting area in the process. Ran into RJ and a few others before eating brisket sandwiches and hopping into our cab chariot to get back to the hotel, where we jumped in the hot tub and then the sauna to sweat out all the alcohol.

After our brief reprieve in room 1201, we headed out to 6th Street and started off the night at Blind Pig. We ran into a few friends and met some new ones. The ferry and Wilma Flinstone were ones we’d run into later as well. Point is, after Blind Pig, Maggie May’s, Shakespeare’s, and perhaps another bar or pizza or three, the four of us ended up meeting three sisters from Wisconsin who walked us back to the hotel, where Brad lay watching television as a drunk girl took liberties with our bathroom. Not a pretty sight but a sight nonetheless. A few minutes of drunken BedJitsu later (uhm.. Kris & Chad…) and we were passed out all over the place.

Sunday Funday – Chad, Kris, and I spent about 45 mins. in the sauna to start off our day. Some guy was totally cheesing out and kissing our ass in the sauna room while his girlfriend sat there watching the man-love. I mean, what an awkward moment… lol… But in any case, we had breakfast at Posse East, which was an awesome place that Katie took us to after we hung out at her apartment watching Man vs. Wild and listening to her talk about journals for a good hour. Got back to Houston around 4pm and had dinner at mom and dad’s when it was all said and done.

I’m sure something was lost in translation for this badass weekend but what can ya do…. I’ll let the pics tell my stories.

, Mike

Thursday: Paula and me after X amount of beers.

Thursday: Kissin’ Cousins?! Eww. Kidding. Good to see you Paula!

Thursday: even more jaeger shots later! You guys can call me Creepy Mike for this one. lol.

Thursday: Our budz – Devin (c) and Fallon (r)

Thursday: The dancer and cheerleader maybe. Badass bartenders, definitely.

Thursday: “I’m TABC Certified!” LMAO on this one…

Friday: Kim and Bri sober. This must have been early…

Friday: Kristoffher and Kelly. I have no idea how I know you ma’am. And it wasn’t through Kris? I’m confused.

Friday: Kelly, Kris, Ash, and Chris G in the boom boom room at 10603.

Friday Flip Cuppers! Veenu and Easy E look so hood.

Saturday: Eeyore’s Birthday with Sarah, Chad, and Brad.

Saturday: Lonestar State Jam

Saturday: I forget names but there are Sarah’s friends, aka ‘girl from Sex in the City’, ‘legally blonde’, and ‘little one 4’

Saturday: Brad, Sar, etc. close to leaving time.

Saturday: Fairy girl at Shakespeare.

Early Morning Sunday: The Wisconsin Sisters. We met them at like 2:30am and became fast friends.

Early Morning Sunday: Laughing about motorboating balls with Alaina 2.

Early Morning Sunday: Motorboat Demonstration. Good job Kris.

Thanks for playing Wisconsin girls. Now get out of my blog!

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